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Custom Sensors

Custom Sensors

As a sensor manufacturer and distributor, we have the capability to customise sensors and we have a range of products with customisable features. This mainly applies to our temperature probes and our position sensors.

In recent years our business model/capabilities have changed and been enhanced, so we are now designing and manufacturing more products than ever before.

The Development of our Custom Sensors

Our engineering department devote time to designing and building new products based on the feedback we receive from customers and industry trends. The products being designed have customisable features which mean they can work within applications with different fitment requirements.

For custom rotary sensors the most customisable range is the new Custom Micro Rotary (CMRx) range (CMRK, CMRS, CMRT) these sensors offer;

  • Long life
  • Puck/ magnet designs
  • Shafted designs
  • Flange mountings
  • Thread mountings
  • IP68 protection
  • Customisable housings
  • Redundant output signals

For customised products our process and timescale is dependent on:

1. How long the product takes to design

2. How many units are required – now and in the future

Usually for a fully customised solution we aim to deliver 8 weeks from receipt of order but this is subject to change.

New Projects we are Working On

We have a number of position sensor products which are currently being developed, they are;


Eurosensor Linear Hall effect sensor - Motorsport (or ELHM) - A linear position product that we have been developing as a non-contacting, superior sealed alternative to the ELPM range. This is now nearing completion, with mechanical life cycle testing being conducted for the datasheet specifications. With a measurement range starting from 25mm going all the way up to 175mm, we can also cater for bespoke measuring lengths that are non- standard. This product is currently being tested by some of our customers and will be officially launched soon.

Hall Throttle Potentiometer (HTP11) – is a hall effect based, non-contact sensing development from our existing VTP11 product. It’s being developed to provide customers with a programmable output specific for their application- as opposed to having the fixed travel range that the VTP11 features.

More about the HTP11 range;

  • Simple flange mounting (available in PCD 32mm & 38mm)
  • 6mm Diameter and 8mm Diameter shaft versions available
  • Based on proven Hall Effect Technology as seen in our other products
  • Long life – extremely robust
  • IP68 Protection (minimum) [expected IP69K]
  • Redundant Output
  • Wider Operating Temperature range -40°C to +125°C (short term 150°C) – a lower temp option will also become available

Micro Cross (X) Programmable (MXPx) Range – After the development of our CMRx range, the need for miniaturisation became more apparent; applications have increasing spatial constraints and the need for weight saving is now more important than ever. For these reasons we are now developing over moulded solutions and redefining the package size, whilst still featuring the same mechanical life and electrical characteristics and IP Ratings found on our XPD/XPK products.

More about the MXPx range;

  • Simple flange mounting (available in PCD 21mm)
  • Female D-Shaft/ Male D- Shaft/ 2 piece PUCK design
  • Based on proven Hall Effect Technology as seen in our other products
  • Long life – extremely robust
  • IP68 Protection (minimum) [expected IP69K]
  • Redundant Output
  • Wider Operating Temperature range -40°C to +125°C (short term 150°C) – a lower temp option will also become available
  • Better availability and lower lead times expected.

Reasons for Custom Sensors and our New Ranges

Using a bespoke sensor or selecting one with customisable features means that no aspect of the application is compromised, resulting in a better working system.

You’ll notice that some of our new ranges are “Micro” meaning small in size. In many applications today, along with performance size is critical and our new sensor ranges have been designed with this in mind. Although the overall package is small, they are still extremely robust and able to survive in the harshest of environments.

With many other sensor suppliers and manufacturers the minimum order quantity can be high for a custom solution but we are happy to develop bespoke solutions at low volumes to ensure every application is using a sensor which is best suited without any compromise on size and mounting. We are happy to even consider designing bespoke one offs if required. 

Jordan Barber is our Mechanical Development Engineer, he is heavily involved in the development of many of these new products, he comments on our current standing “We want to make customers aware that we can basically make anything in the temperature/position sensing range to fit their requirements – we love a challenge at the end of the day.”

If you would like any information on any of the products aforementioned – or if you have a new application and require a custom solution – please contact us and we will help to select / develop the best product for you. +44(0)1327 351004 or

Article published on: 04/11/2019