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Hydraulic Pressure Sensors

Hydraulic pressure sensors deliver accurate results over extended periods and offer excellent repeatability. Here at Variohm we can provide pressure sensors for hydraulic applications.

Hydraulic pressure sensors or transducers are used to convert pressure measurements into analogue electric output signals.

The pressure sensors we offer which are suited to hydraulic applications use hermetically welded thin film measuring coils with high level output circuitry. This ensures that the pressure sensor is suited to harsh environments including that of hydraulic applications as well as other industries.

How Hydraulic Pressure Sensors Work

To work successfully, hydraulic pressure sensors like other sensors, will require a source of electric input. The input voltage varies but for a hydraulic pressure sensor it will usually be from 10-30V. Hydraulic pressure sensors work by producing a change in its output relative to a change in the system pressure.

Features and Benefits of Hydraulic Pressure Sensors

·         Highly reliable

·         Compact and robust

·         Shock and vibration resistant

·         Long life – many of our pressure sensors offer more than 10 million cycles

·         High performance

·         Wide temperature range – typically -40...+125

We have miniature pressure sensors which are suitable for hydraulics and well suited to applications where space is limited.

Applications for Hydraulic Pressure Sensors

Some typical applications for hydraulic pressure sensors includes;

·         Braking systems

·         Mobile hydraulics

·         Hydraulic systems

·         Diesel and gas engines

Hydraulic Pressure Sensors from Variohm

We have a number of pressure transducers which are suited to hydraulic applications but our most common is our EPT3100. This transducer is constructed of high-quality stainless steel has additional EMI/RFI protection. It is resistant to shock and vibration and is suitable for use in high temperatures up to 125°C. The EPT3100 is available in a range of configurations and can measure either absolute, gauge or vacuum pressure.

For full product details take a look at the EPT3100 page or download the datasheet here.

For more information on hydraulic pressure sensors or any of our pressure sensors please contact us 01327 351004 or

Article published on: 15/04/2019