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Load Cells for Silo, Tank and Hopper Weight Management

Silo, tank and hopper are all types of weighing vessels used in many industrial environments including food and beverage. Each of these weighing devices use load cells to record, store and release accurate amounts of product.

These types of scales use weighing systems which usually consist of three or four load cells along with a weighing module, a junction box and a weight indicator or transmitter.

This type of industry requires very high accuracy and all equipment used must adhere to food hygiene and safety regulations. Some of the materials often stored and weighed using a silo, tank or hopper scales are;

  • Paint  

  • Cement  

  • Plastic pellets  

  • Fertiliser  

  • Wheat  

  • Glucose  

  • Oil  

  • Flour  

  • Palm oil  

  • Grain  

  • Ethanol  

And many more...

We have many different load cells which are well suited to silo, tank and hopper scales. Many of them are constructed of stainless steel which makes them well suited to these types of applications. Hygiene and Safety certifications are also present on many of our load cells. Specifications can be found on the individual datasheets.

Types of load cells used for Silo, Tank and Hopper Scales

To suit the capacities of many silo, tank and hopper scales, we offer a range of load cells which may be suitable for these applications.

Single point – single point load cells are known for offering high accuracy and repeatability. They are accurate even when measuring off-centre loads.

Dual shear beam – dual shear beam load cells are secured to the weighing system at both ends and the force is applied in the middle for high accuracy.

S type – S Type load cells take their name from their shape. Many of our range are constructed of stainless steel and alloy steel.

Compression – compression load cells are used for measuring a pushing force in a straight line or along a single axis. They offer high accuracy and repeatability as well as long life.

For more information on load cells for silo, tank and hopper scales contact our sales department; or 01327 351004

Article published on: 13/07/2018