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Make the Switch

Challenging times call for better solutions. We have a range of high quality pressure switches which come from our supply partners in America. If you have experienced delays or quality issues in your supply chain then it's time to Make the Switch.

Pressure Switches from World Magnetics are machine-crafted and hand assembled products which are manufactured on-site in Michigan.

Custom options are available thanks to the passionate customer focus at World Magnetics. So make sure you contact us to discuss your requirements.

Regardless of industry, we have a pressure switch to fit your design;

  • Heavy-duty industrial
  • Medical equipment
  • HVAC
  • Aerospace
  • Air/water filtration

If you are looking for pressure switches which offer simplified custom engineering, quick service and turnaround, high quality and high durability then Make the Switch today.

Take a look at our pressure switches here. Contact us to discuss your requirements 01327 351004

Article published on: 21/03/2022