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Motorsports temperature probes from Variohm Eurosensor

Variohm EuroSensor’s comprehensive range of temperature probes comprise a precision sensing element packaged in a durable housing with convenient mounting and electrical interfacing. Widely used across many industries, temperature probes are available in many different forms to specifically suit the application in hand. For motorsports, Variohm offer temperature probes for the  measurement of engine oil and coolant, exhaust gas as well as infrared sensors for tyre and brake temperature.

Variohm’s motorsports temperature probe range includes the ETP-MO series. The probe takes the form of an oil and fuel resistant 316 stainless-steel hexagonal bolt with an IP67 protected PT1000A sensing element that delivers an accuracy to +/- (0.15 K + 0.002 x |t|). With a wide ambient temperature range and a high resilience to shock and vibration, the robust and compact probe is well suited to harsh environment measurement.  The cost effective ETP-MO is available in a choice of M8 x 1.25 mm or 1/8-inch NPT mechanical interfacing – the NPT option offering a no-sealant solution thanks to its conical thread form.

For environments where heat, dust and moisture are prevalent, Variohm’s ETP-AM-SP-ASL temperature probe provides reliable precision temperature monitoring of liquids and gases. Widely proven in industrial measurement technology and well suited to the rigours of motorsports, the sensor offers a fast reaction time of 7 seconds (still water t90). A wide environmental working temperature range of -55°C to +170°C (with short term to + 230°C) and an IP67 sealed 316 stainless steel housing makes the sensor particularly resilient for demanding motorsports applications. For straightforward integration the sensor features an ASL series fuel immersible M12 connector with an optional mating connector or cable kit. A choice of two RTD sensor elements are available for motorsports - the PT100B element offers an accuracy of ± (0.3 K + 0.005 x |t|), whilst the PT1000A element offers ± (0.15 K + 0.002 x |t|).

The robust EGT series exhaust gas temperature sensor features a type K thermocouple that is a widely specified component for motorsports. Two versions are available. The economical Sportsman series has a temperature range up to +900°C and features 316 stainless steel and Teflon-coated cable. The Pro series, manufactured in Inconel stainless with a ceramic fibre cable and a stainless-steel braided screen, can be used up to +1300°C. A large selection of customisation options are available and both probe series are compatible with gasoline, alcohol, nitromethane, and sulphur.

Variohm also supplies infrared technology sensors which are used for specialist tasks such as non-contacting tyre or brake disc temperature monitoring in race or track testing scenarios.

The Euro-FT series is a single channel sensor in a modular aluminium housing with optional measurement ranges from 200 up to +1200°C.  The more standard model features a zero to 4.5 V output range compensated to ambient temperature with a range up to 200°C. A linear output version, the Euro-FBL, is also available. Typical working distance for these sensors is 30 to 70 mm with a field of view up to 14-degrees. Other infrared sensors available include multi-channel versions.

Variohm EuroSensor provides a specialist service for the motorsports industry with sensor technologies that also include linear and rotary position measurement, pressure sensors, combined pressure/temperature sensors, acceleration/gyro sensors, speed sensors, gear shift and more. For more information including detailed datasheets, please visit www.variohm.com, call +44 (0) 1327 351004 or email sales@variohm.com

Article published on: 09/03/2023

Article last updated on: 09/03/2023