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PLd/SIL2; Safety for People and Protection for Machines

A PLd/SIL2 rated sensor means that the sensors is suitable for applications in safety rated environments.

We currently have a Pressure Transducer with a PLd rating. It has a high strength and rugged design so it can withstand the environments it may be used in.

Our SMO3100PLd is suitable for use in mobile hydraulics, automotive and industrial equipment.

What does PLd - Performance Level (d) mean?

PLd stands for Performance Level d. performance Level is a safety standard that can indicate which environments the sensor can be used. This means that the product can perform its normal function under certain conditions if they are known.

The performance level is rated in five levels to meet different security requirements. The five levels are labelled “a”-“e”, where “a” is the higher level of probability of dangerous failure (whilst still incredibly low overall) and “e” is the lowest level of probability of dangerous failure from the product.

Therefore, a standard of PLd is very safe in an environment where safety is of high importance.

What does SIL2 mean?

SIL stands for Safety Integrity Level and is used to indicate the class of the sensor and how it can work within the existing risk of a facility to an acceptable level. 

This standard increases functional safety and is divided into 4 levels. (1-4) the higher the number, the higher the associated level of safety on that sensor and the lower the probability of failure is.

As the SIL Level increases so do the cost for maintenance and implementation – very often at SIL 4 level components are so complex and expensive they are not selected for use as they are not economical.

Industries using PLd/SIL sensors

PLd/SIL sensors are used throughout many different areas. Our SMO3100PLd pressure sensors are suitable for use in;

  • Materials handling
  • Industrial equipment
  • Forestry
  • Mobile hydraulic
  • Construction
  • Mobile hydraulics
  • Automotive applications

PLd Sensors from Variohm

Our SMO3100PLd is part of our press sensing range at Variohm. It is a pressure transducer take a look at the product page here.

For more information on our products or to discuss any application please contact us.

Article published on: 28/02/2022