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Pressure Sensors, Transducers and Switches

Pressure Sensors

Variohm Pressure Sensors offer a solution to all pressure applications across many industries. The Variohm Pressure Sensors range include Pressure Transducers and Pressure Switches. We also have a range of Combined Pressure and Temperature Transducers. 

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Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors are used to measure the pressure in either gases or liquids. Pressure is stated in force per unit and can be described as an expression of the force which is required to stop a fluid or gas expanding. Pressure Sensors usually act as transducers by producing a signal as a result of the pressure applied.

 The most common pressure sensors which we can offer are Pressure Transducers and Pressure Switches. We also have PCB mountable pressure switches, hazardous area pressure sensors and combined pressure and temperature transducers.

Pressure Sensors from Variohm

If you require a pressure transducer we would recommend one from our EPT range. EPT stands for Eurosensor Pressure Transducer, these products have been designed by us. Our EPT range also includes combined pressure and temperate transducers which are well suited to Motorsport applications where space is tight and environments are harsh.

Our pressure switches are another popular category – they can be factory pre-set or adjustable on site and they provide a quick, repeatable response. Their mechanical life has been tested to over 20 million cycles.

Over the years we have been a part of many pressure sensor applications, some of which have been very interesting. Pressure sensor applications we have been a part of include;

·         Alarms on HVAC and boiler room control systems

·         Monitoring oxygen pressure levels in hospitals and on medical devices

·         Indicating blocked filters on fans and kitchen extraction units

·         Drink dispensing equipment and coffee machines

·         Enhancing pump control to reduce energy costs

·         Controlling hydraulics

·         Activation/alarm inside breathalysers and medical equipment

·         Draft Pressure and low pressure Pneumatic systems

Our pressure sensors are also used in many applications on cars, for example the monitoring of; oil, fuel, water and manifold absolute pressure (MAP Sensors) as well as the brake systems on tow-cars.

Variohm provide industrial, automotive and instrumentation pressure sensors. Our selection is shown above, you can click on the product categories to view individual Pressure Sensors and download the data sheets to gain access to full product details. If you can’t see the pressure sensor you are looking for; contact us +44(0)1327 351004

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Pressure Sensors

Pressure Transducers
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Pressure Switches
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Combined Pressure and Temperature Transducers
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