Temperature Detector

Temperature Detector


Limitor produces high-quality, customised temperature detectors; the functionality of every single switch is vigorously tested and so 100% reliability is guaranteed. The switches are VDE or UL certified.

We offer a wide range of commercial goods for standard solutions.

Area of application

Temperature detectors are used wherever protection against overtemperatures is required/necessary.

Typical applications include:

  • protection of primary windings in transformers
  • winding protection in small electric motors
  • general temperature protection of small electric equipment
  • switch-on of cooling fans
  • signalling
  • etc.


Temperature detectors operate independent from any current supply. Temperature detection is effected by means of a bimetal disc which is dimensioned in accordance with the required cut-off temperature. When this fixed cut-off temperature is reached, the switch opens (type P) or closes (type O) the electric circuit of the device.

After cooling down at reset temperature, the contact system returns to its original position.

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