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Our Top 3 Pressure Transducers.

As you may know, here at Variohm we distribute a range of different sensors to our customers for many different applications.

Our Products are split into different categories, one of which is Pressure Sensors. Our pressure sensors can then be split again into Pressure Switches and Pressure Transducers. We would like to give you more information on what we consider to be the Top 3 Pressure Transducers we can offer.    


1. The EPT3100 Pressure Transducer


The EPT3100 Pressure Transducer is by far our most popular sensor. As well as being competitively EPT3100priced, it has a long life of 10 million cycles, long term stability and accuracy, excellent response times and wide operating temperature (-40 to +125) . The EPT3100 range covers full vacuum, absolute and gauge pressures up to 4000 bar. It can be configured using a wide range of process and electrical connections, and is also available with analogue or digital outputs. The EPT3100 is constructed of stainless steel and has no internal seals or O-rings, it can be used to measure gasses and liquids suitable with stainless steel. 

The EPT3100 Pressure Transducer is suitable for use in;

·  Automotive

·  Industrial hydraulics

· Refrigeration

· Off-road

· Construction


· Agriculture


2. The EPTTE3100 Combined Pressure and Temperature Transducer

The EPTTE3100Combined Pressure and Temperature is great for applications where space is at aEPTTE3100premium as it reduces the number of ports required. Based upon the above popular and proven EPT3100 unit, the EPTTE3100 has an all stainless steel construction and is intended for use in the measurement of gasses and liquids. The exposed temperature sensor ensures the EPTTE3100 has a quick and accurate response time for both temperature and pressure.

The EPTTE3100 Combined Pressure and Temperature Transducer is particularly popular in Motorsport applications where space can be particularly tight.

3. The EPT1200 Pressure Transducer

The EPT1200 Pressure Transducer is another of our Top 3 Pressure Transducers; it is popular due to its miniature design. It has an outside diameter of just 12mm and weighs less than 25g. The EPT1200 is a high quality stainless steel pressure transducer and can measure up to 500 bar gauge. It’s hermetically welded thin film measuring cell coupled with high level output circuitry make it suitable for the harshest of environments.

The EPT1200 is constructed of stainless steel and, like the EPT3100, has no internal seals or O-rings, it can be used to measure gasses and liquids suitable with stainless steel.  It is suitable for Automotive, industrial hydraulics, off-road, construction and agricultural applications.


All of our Top 3 Pressure Transducers have different specifications available; these include the port configuration, the measurement range, the pressure unit, the output signal and the electrical interface. Take a look at the data sheets for each product to see the different options. 

EPT3100 data sheet

EPTTE3100 data sheet

EPT2100 data sheet

Of course these are just three of the many pressure transducers we can offer, our full range is available to view here. Or for more information you can contact us 01327 351004 or .




Are you currently using any of our Top 3 Pressure Transducers? We’d love to hear your feedback on them! Why not contact us using the details above. 


Article published on: 03/09/2015