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Pressure Transducer Types

Pressure transducers are part of our product range here at Variohm, we have our own range as well as a range from our suppliers.

Pressure transducers are available in different types which makes them suitable for different applications and industries. Each has different features to suit their environments.

A pressure transducer is a sensing device which accurately measures real-time pressure, this can be either absolute, gauge, differential or vacuum pressure depending on the type of pressure sensor selected. 

Pressure Transducer Types

We offer various pressure transducer types, these are all available to view on our website. If you require further information on any of the below pressure transducer types, please contact us. 

Industrial Pressure Transducers – all our pressure transducers are suitable for industrial applications. They offer high accuracy and different connection options.

Miniature Pressure Transducers – we have a range of miniature pressure transducers which are less than 5cm long. They are lightweight and constructed of stainless steel. Like all our pressure transducers, they offer long life and high performance.

Combined Pressure and Temperature Transducer – in some industries particularly motorsport, space can be very restricted. So, using one of our combined pressure and temperature sensors is ideal for saving space.

Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transducers – intrinsically safe pressure transducers are either ATEX/IECEx and UL/CSA approved or SIL 2 rated. Intrinsically safe sensors are suitable for use in environments where there is a risk of explosion, they do not release enough thermal energy to cause ignition within the surrounding hazardous environment.

Explosion-proof Pressure Transducers – as well as intrinsically safe pressure transducers we also have a range of explosion proof pressure transducers. Explosion proof sensors are designed to contain an explosion should one occur.

Underwater Pressure Transducers – also known as level meters, these are designed to measure the amount of liquid within a tank. They have a high IP rating to ensure they can withstand the depths of liquid required.

Applications for Pressure Transducer  

Pressure transducers are such versatile devices that they are used throughout most industries. They are used for complex applications where there is a requirement to monitor exact pressure. This is different to a pressure switch which monitors pressure up to a specified limit.   

Examples of where pressure transducer applications can be found;

  • Commercial Vehicle Applications
  • Brake Pressure Monitoring
  • Oil and Fuel Pressure Monitoring
  • HVAC Applications
  • Medical Applications
  • Safety-critical applications

Pressure Transducers from Variohm 

We have our own range of Eurosensor Pressure Transducers (EPT) which can be viewed on our website. This range includes our combined pressure and temperature pressure transducers and

our own liquid level meter.

Some of the solutions that our pressure transducers have been used for specifically;

EPT31LE - for applications where low power consumption is required, like remote battery powered wireless transmitting systems.

SMO3100 - For applications with Safety Integrated Level or Performance Level requirements. Offers ECU and other safety-controlled applications compliance with DIN EN ISO 13849-1and IEC 61508, plus several other recognised safety accreditations.

EPT31CN – The integrated CAN Controller meets the CAN-Protocol CANopen (CiA 404) and J1939 (SAE-J1939

EPT310H2 - EC79 approved pressure transducer, for the measurement of Hydrogen.

Take a look at all of our pressure transducers on our website. If you require more information or are looking for a pressure transducer for your application, please contact us. 

Article published on: 04/01/2021